KKU Bookish

KKU Bookish another step of Khon Kaen University for people who love reading books. Browse, shop and read class book instantly!


KKU Bookish is a platform for interactive textbooks.   It turns paper-based textbooks into interactive learning experiences while staying compatible with the print book for classroom use. With books written by Khon Kaen University so the books are of quality and passed quality assessments by outside experts and have been printed.


And while books on KKU Bookish do much more than the PDF version of a print book, you still get all of the stuff you expect from the print book


  • Turns paper-based books into interactive learning experiences * Staying compatible with the print book for classroom use * Purchase by the chapter or by the book * All the content of the print edition, plus extras * Corresponding print page numbers that you can jump to directly * Integrated interactive media * Interactive quizzes


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