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    “ Whather your business is producing newspaper, magazine , book , journal , brochures or online content you’ll also want to publish your content to digital devices such as iPad and Android ”

    Welcome to Digix’s digital Publishing solution.

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Mobile Application

Don't just create apps -- create great experiences. Digix is the proven leader in helping businesses deliver mobile application with cloud-based to both customer and enterprise markets.

Digital Magazine

Digital Magazine allows publishers to create interest in different things by adding new features to the magazine app.

Digital Book

Digital Book can contain video, animation, audio and images to allow the user to read more. Or better than the original itself.

Leading organizations have used the Digix’s platform to build and deploy mobile apps to their iOS and Android users.
Some of those apps are presented here.

Featured Client Application

dtac ReadEver

Go beyond the exclusive book and enrich tour reading

KKU Bookish

Browse, shop and read class book instantly

AIS Channel Magazine

Interactive digital edition for the dealer

Thai Mag Book

Offering books and magazines in both PDF and interactive

Digix Team

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